Contrary to popular belief, having bed bugs does not come from having a dirty or cluttered home.

Bed bug are notorious hitch hikers. They travel on furniture, in luggage, on pets, on clothing, on people and on any pathway from one apartment to another, or one half of a building to the next. All you need to do is visit a home, movie theater, hospital or airport and one can jump on board to get a ride to your home.

So, please, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed by having bed bugs. It most likely happened unknowingly and is not your fault. We are here to end your bed bug problem.

Why You Should Act Now?

One pregnant female bed bug can lay 5 to 10 eggs a day until she has reached about 500 eggs. That will go on for 50 to 100 days. Each egg hatches in (20) days or so depending on the temperature and other factors. In 90 days you can have 300 adults and 1000 eggs. So, don’t give them any extra time to breed. It only makes exterminating them more difficult and costly. But our guarantee stands either way.

Why Use a Professional?

Although we support DIYers in many ways, it’s unlikely to work with exterminating bed bugs. You have to know all the places they like to hide. You need to know what the bed bugs look like in all phases of their life cycle. You need to know the signs that they have been in your bed, or recliner or sofa. You’ll need to avoid any repellents which simply drive them deeper into the walls, floor or ceiling. You’ll need to know if your favorite chair or mattress can be saved, which many times it can. The professional can save you money by saving your furniture. So go ahead and call us now for a free inspection and estimate to make your home bed bug free.